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What is Moustashary?

is the first program in the world is based on an integrated knowledge base for all judicial and consulting that helps the user to get instant consulted through the international legal system identifier staff.

Found consultants from several Arab and foreign countries and those in charge of the program to contribute to feed the program immediately and continuously with all the new consulting happened on the scene, which achieves the beneficiary speed access to the required consulted.

access to free consultations by to some of the cases, which is the knowledge public for all, as well as the possibility of obtaining a quick consulting in the absence of consultation provides the by base by experts and consultants and local and international period does not exceed 48 hours (of the cases of others are available from counselors)

Our objectives

Dear User you only have login to Moustashary and learn about the characteristics, languages and possibilities and position requirements according to questions and axes available through a choice between disciplines that want to get in the consultation.

How it works?

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Easily customise Sedna to suit your start up, portfolio or product. Take advantage of the layered Sketch file and bring your product to life.

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Designed with modern trends and techniques in mind, Sedna will help your product stand out in an already saturated market.

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Built using the latest web technologies like html5, css3, and jQuery, rest assured Sedna will look smashing on every device under the sun.

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